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Improve your soil structure for the most delicious vegetables. The best garden soil structure is one of the most important aspects of vegetable gardening and growing plants in general. In order to grow the best vegetables the soil must be optimized for great drainage as well as retaining a small amount to keep the microbial life inside the soil alive. In other words we are talking about the “soil food… Read More..
Hi Folks Toby here, well its been a short Florida winter (zone 9b) and today we are going to start posting again. To begin the 2015 season it will be nice to show you guys some EXTREME seed starting techniques. Why, extreme why seed starting techniques?Starting out as an organic gardener can be super simple or super complex depending on the style you choose. Maybe your into optimizing the… Read More..

Urban Gardening Fall 2014 Starts

 — September 22, 2014 — Leave a comment
Summer temperatures are backing off now and we are getting into the fall season Here’s what I did to Grow the Papaya’s You See in the picture: Step 1. Purchase a nice ripe papaya from the grocery store, cut it in half, eat the fruit and Dry the Seeds in the window sill. Step 2. Dig a huge 3’deep hole and fill it in with well rotted and finished compost… Read More..
So you say you want to grow delicious eggplants for cooking really great dishes right?Well folks here is your FREE Eggplant Growing Guide. (below gallery images) First please take time to share some of our eggplant images with your friends or some images you can just click to put them on pinterest. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#DOPWallGridGallery8').DOPWallGridGallery(); }); Step 1. Prepare your rich growing medium. You can see our compost section and… Read More..
Hi Friends/Fellow Gardeners, It came to my attention after 2 years of consecutively failing to grow watermelon that I needed some watermelon growing guidence. Well I am sure there are a lot of folks out there who can benifit from a watermelon grow guide as well so here it is I’m starting one its called watermelon growing secrets. First off have a look at the watermelon patch: Note: Follow entire… Read More..
OMG Please Help Identify This Bee… Click on read more to view more images. Unidentified Bees     jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#DOPWallGridGallery4').DOPWallGridGallery(); }); Someone said it was an Orchid be what do you guys think? Below is an Orchid Bee Picture.This Orchid Bee looks similar to the other green bees yet I dont think its the same.  Please help Identify our green bees in the comments below… Thanks… Read More..
So you saw the Yacon root and want to get started right? Well that’s exactly why I have created this guide. Below is a video of a 2 foot Yacon growing to give you a demonstration of the plant. When we harvest we will update the post.Grow Notes: *Grow the plant in a great compost mix and a self watering container … this way you do not wash away… Read More..
So… You want to know where the Best Trout Fishing in The World is huh. Well look no further. The June lake loop has it all, and is south of Yosemite so you don’t have to get around all the tourists… And not to mention save a whole bunch of time and money on your trip. June lake is the best trout lake I have ever fished in my life,… Read More..
Hi Gardening friends, Toby Here again and I would like to make a post here showcasing the perennial tree collards. First of all might I give a quick Shout out to Mr. John Kohler from the wildly popular Growin’ Your Greens Channel on Youtube… I personally would like to thank Mr. Kohler for what he is doing, he truly does seem to be a force for good in the universe.… Read More..
This is our 3rd Urban Farm Update, we have had some great success this year and a few failures… You can learn from both of these. Baking Soda Spray: This tip came from the rusted garden,Gary Pilarchik … on the rusted garden. Baking Soda Spray about the same proportions will destroy any mildews before they get a foot hold, be sure to spray under leaves and on the ground around… Read More..