How to use worm castings in the Garden

Organic Gardening how to use worm castings in the garden:

"From the first time I used castings in the garden I knew that I would use them in gardening from that point on".

castings in the garden I love worms


Mix it into your favorite compost tea recipe

When your making your favorite compost tea recipe it is important to inoculate with beneficial bacteria… in addition to your compost pile worm castings are a great source of bacteria to multiply.

Mix it into your soil in raised beds, potting soil or in the ground

In your soil worm castings will leach out slowly over time, pure castings are a bit hydrophobic so they will hold there form for a while. Amended generously into your soil castings play an important part in developing your soil food web.

Use it as a Foliar spray

Strain your castings tea that have been bubbling in rain water

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or equivalent for a 24-48 hour period into a bugsprayer or spray bottle to spray the leaves on all of your plants and trees. Healthy plants have healthy roots and leaves that naturally ward of plant eating bugs… while you spend a little time every other watering spraying your leaves you will be up close to see early warning signs of bugs to take immediate action… soap spray or other… for more information go to our vermicomposting page  


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